Coin Alert – Filter: Bitcoin Price Notification on the App Store

By Ha Le

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


Real-time cryptocurrency alert, price reminder, filter, and news compilation for more than 1000 altcoins, Bitcoin, tokens for crypto investors

– Real-time coin price alerts sent to your phone every hour

– Price shown as red badge on icon

– Widgets display prices of coins in watchlist

– Nearly one hundred of filtering criteria

– Enable cryptocurrency traders to detect the best trading opportunities

– Quickly browse through the lists of filtered results both in chartview and list view

– Sort according to gainers/losses

– Watchlist is right at your app homepage

– Easy keep track your favorite coins

– Easy add and remove from Watchlist by one touch

– Summary news for cryptocurrencies for many news sources such as CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, CNBC, Bloomberg, MarketWatch

– Swipe left and right for easy reading

– Chart: market cap and price chart

– Short description of each coins

– Updated discussion and messages from Reddit

– List of related markets – exchanges such as: Poloniex, Bittrex, hitBTC, Bitfinex

Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, OmiseGo, Qtum, TenX, Ethereum Classic, BitShares, EOS, Dash, Storj, IOTA, Stratis, Bytom, Status, Zcash, ICO, Monero, GXShares, Stellar Lumens, Civic, Lunyr, DECENT, Nxt, Siacoin, NEM, DigiByte, InfChain, Clams, Factom, Storjcoin X, Qwark, Waves, Golem, Binance Coin, MaidSafeCoin, BitConnect, Dogecoin, FedoraShare, Lisk, Metal, FirstBlood, Monaco, Bancor, AdEx, GameCredits, Augur, Asch, LBRY Credits, Mysterium, Elastic, CoinDash, Gas, Steem, Bytecoin, Ardor, Bitquence, Rise, SysCoin, Komodo, Byteball, Patientory, Gnosis, FunFair, Verge, ZCoin,, Iconomi, Stox, Numeraire, MobileGo, district0x, Decred, Nexus, Metaverse ETP, Chronobank, SingularDTV, Synereo, DigitalNote, iExec RLC, Aragon, Veritaseum, Legends Room, TokenCard, Feathercoin, Melon, Vertcoin, PIVX, DynamicCoin, Matchpool, Einsteinium, Lykke, Infinitecoin, DigixDAO, Wings, Edgeless, Creditbit, iCash, bitCNY, TaaS, Megacoin, Populous, ReddCoin, Viacoin, LoMoCoin, BlackCoin, FirstCoin, BitcoinDark, EarthCoin, Radium, Particl, SONM, Ubiq, Humaniq, WeTrust, ZcCoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, MCAP, Ark, Etheroll, Nexium, Cryptonite, ATC Coin, Fargocoin, adToken, Burst, Omni, Zetacoin, Expanse, Blocknet, Signatum, Bitcoin Plus, PotCoin, Tokes, SaluS, Round, Nimiq, vSlice, WorldCoin, VPNCoin, Incent, NuBits, Pascal Coin, VeriCoin, Dynamic, EB3 Coin, E-Dinar Coin, Groestlcoin, Peerplays, SunContract, BCAP, Myriad, ArtByte, Project Decorum, Lepaoquan, NAV Coin, bitUSD, Shift, CloakCoin, Voxels, NoLimitCoin, YbCoin, Swarm City, Counterparty, OpenAnx, Databits, Emercoin, FoldingCoin, Zurcoin, TileCoin, MonetaryUnit, Bitcrystals, Pluton, Dent, Gulden, Mothership, ZenCash, Sphre AIR, NeosCoin, FlorinCoin, Xaurum, EuropeCoin, Pillar, CryptoPing, Rialto, RaiBlocks, TechShares, Energycoin, DAO.Casino, PinkCoin, 2GIVE, Riecoin, Wagerr, APX, GridCoin, NautilusCoin, LuckChain, E-coin, Bytecent, InsureX, Bitswift, TagCoin, BelaCoin, Unitus, MergeCoin, OBITS, Crave, iTicoin, Sphere, Musicoin, ToaCoin, Gycoin, AppleCoin, SIBCoin, Boolberry, BagCoin, LEOcoin, Startcoin, CannabisCoin, Syndicate, Quantum, DeusCoin, MonaCoin, VeriumReserve, MaxCoin, Quark, BitBean, UnbreakableCoin, DT Token, HiCoin, DNotes, DubaiCoin, Rupaya, CoEval, Skycoin, Golos, bitBTC, Blakecoin, Steem Dollars, Hush, Hacker Gold, Malcoin, ZrCoin, SpreadCoin, OKCash, Crown, ION, DopeCoin, Diamond, KoreCoin, CryptoCarbon, Curecoin, ChainCoin, PepeCoin, FinCoin, HTMLCOIN, Vcash, Pesetacoin, BitBay, CHNCoin, ParkByte, Unobtanium, Breakout, Monkey, Bata, Dentacoin, HunterCoin, Polybius, Bitdeal, Mooncoin, Agoras Tokens, Gambit, ZClassic, Fastcoin, Sequence, InPay, GeoCoin

What’s New in Version 1.2

– Adding price limit function

– Adding news for each currency

– Fixing the sorting functions


Customer Reviews

Great app overall

One comment: synch times are a bit off when looking at the *last* price when looking at for eg 24 hr, then 1 week, then 1 month. One needs to refresh a few times to get them all in synch

It’s a great app

hard not to use it during these turbulent times. A few things to improve: keeps crashing often switching from vertical to horizontal and back

Love the app

very handy to keep track of crypto coins. Please make a feature that allows us to see 7day 1month and 1 year % increases PLEASE AND let us have quick access to currency changes.. I like to switch to CND sometime when the coins crash. LOL

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Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Customer Ratings

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###Viberate Token Crowdsale: token for the live music industry

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace where we’re matching musicians with event organizers. We’re listing profiles of over 120 thousand musicians, from superstars to garage bands. We’d like to send our thank you to everybody who trusted in us and contributed to our crowdsale!

Music Moves Europe Initiative

Co-Founder @ Bitcoin Foundation

Ministry of Economic

Development and Technology

Blockchain Business Development Expert

Professor @ Stanford University,

Chief Scientist @ Pinterest

Our vision is to revolutionize the way musicians are presented and booked as well as to open the world of live music to anyone who wants to participate in it by decentralizing discovery and booking processes with the use of the blockchain technology.

that will finally digitalize and decentralize the live music industry

The foundations of our extensive musician database go all the way back to our pilot project, a simple ranking service for DJs. We started off as a directory of no more than a couple of thousand DJs, but soon grown into a massive database of over 50.000 musicians.

Viberate has always been a community-based service. After we opened our initial database to public, it was the users who manually entered and curated the majority of musician profiles. There was no awards system in place at that time, it was solely the desire to participate in the project that was driving them.

Viberate is the first service to cover all aspects of the live music industry. Our entity database covers musicians, booking agencies, music venues, event organizers and events, and our user groups stretch from musicians and other music professionals, all the way to fans and media.

With the database and communication channels in place, our platform enables the implementation of a live music marketplace.


is worth hundreds of

billions of dollars


take place globally


are sold yearly in the US alone,

80% of which are sold online


are being booked without intermediaries,

with their fees exceeding $35B per year

hundreds of millions of bookings carried out each year

tens of millions of musicians who are struggling to make themselves visible and get more gigs

millions of event organizers that are constantly looking for the acts that will sell out their events

tens of thousands of booking agents that are always on the lookout for the next superstar

billions of music fans around the globe that want to keep up with the latest music trends

Today, 20% of musicians are being represented by booking agents that usually get a 10-20% commission on each booking. The other 80% are being booked without intermediaries, with no one taking commission on that. By enabling the opportunity to book every musician in the world, regardless of genre, country and popularity, Viberate will act as a de facto booking agency for all musicians with a profile on Viberate.

Next to musician bookings, Viberate also enables several other interaction possibilities. The interactions that are not a subject of commissions will be available for purchase in the form of subscription packages or in exchange for previously earned Vibe tokens.

We’ll provide musicians with an option to expose their profiles in different charts. Exposures will be bought with ETH or Viberate tokens (VIBs), and using smart contracts, where terms such as the duration and price will be defined. Once paid, the smart contract will trigger the exposure of the artist’s profile on the agreed position and for the agreed period of time. The price will be set automatically, based on current demand for the respective position.

Listing hundreds of thousands of events on profiles of performing artists, Viberate has the unique opportunity to tap into this multi-billion market. Paper tickets are giving way to electronic ones and we want to go a step further and implement a blockchain-based ticketing service, where we will charge a commission on every ticket sold through our system.

Viberate’s analytical content provides insightful information for several different outlets, such as music media, streaming services, larger booking agencies and other services that could benefit from extensive music analytics. We will charge a monthly cost per integrated profile or a monthly lump sum to use the whole database.

What started as an idea in an analogue world, is now becoming a reality in a digital one. But although we have years of work behind us, there is still a long road with clear objectives ahead.

We tested the market with a simple DJ ranking service named

After the success of, we decided to actively pursue the idea of digitalizing the live music industry.

In April 2016, we received our first round of funding from several domestic investors.

We launched the first version of our service on the biggest electronic music conference in the world – the Amsterdam Dance Event.

In February 2017, we received our second round of funding from an angel investor.

To help us integrate the blockchain technology into our service, we hired a team of experts with rich domain knowledge and years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

With version 2.0 we expanded to all music genres. We now have a database of over 120.000 musician profiles, containing all relevant information, including relevant analytical content, latest media feed and booking information.

To prepare our service for the crowdsale, we launched the campain, including the publication of a designated website with all the relevant info for the potential contributors.

Pursuing our vision to join the entire live music ecosystem in one place, we upgraded our entity database with the profiles of 40.000 music venues and 60.000 events.

As a first step in implementing the blockchain technology into our service and to assure the next round of financing, we’ll be launching a Viberate Crowdsale in September 2017.

To alleviate the promotion of musicians, represented by booking agencies, we’ll be launching designated booking agency profiles, featuring rosters of represented musicians.

Additionally, we’ll be launching event organizer profiles, that will enable the event organizers to showcase their work, promote their events and directly engage with other entities.

By Q3 2018, we’ll have affiliate deals in place with all major ticket vendors, to provide our users with the option to purchase event tickets directly off the site.

We’ll upgrade our communication system with comprehensive business and booking tools, that will enable our entities to take full advantage of a simple digitalized process of booking musicians and pursuing other business opportunities.

We’ll gradually introduce advanced blockchain features, such as smart contracts and DAOs, that will be used in different stages of the musician booking process.

With the aim of spreading the awareness about our service, we’ll be performing different marketing, PR and sales activities on a global scale.

We’ll commission marketing experts to help us maximize the effectiveness of our endeavours.

You’re not investing into an idea. You’re investing into an existing service with established audience, partnerships and traction that will change the music industry as we know it.

Copyright 2017 © Viberate

Join our Slack team by entering your E-mail address below.

Please fill in the fields below.

You will receive the payment instructions on the next page and also via e-mail.

You agree with Fiat Terms of Service by clicking on Get Payment Details button above.

BitIns Ltd. will charge 5% commission.

Please use the bank information provided below

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