Expectations that became real: KickCoins on HitBTC

KickCoins, tokens of the world’s first 3-in-1 platform for ICO’s, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting KICKICO, will be soon traded on HitBTC.

HitBTC is planning to trade KickCoins ‘ tokens of KICKICO platform soon after the ICO closes. KICKICO is the first blockchain fundraising platform that offers 3-in-1 solutions for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting and is already functional in Beta. The platform has recently launched its own ICO and reached overwhelming success ‘ it has managed to collect 12 mln USD in ETH just in two hours. Now, ICO is slowly coming to its end, 16th of September it will be closed. By now, KICKICO raised more than 70 000 ETH and more than 7400 backers from various countries were buying KickCoins. This fact ensures everyone – community from all over the globe votes for the future of blockchain crowdfunding and overwhelms with its speed.

HitBTC will be the pioneering exchange where KickCoins are going to be listed. High interest in KICKICO project’s tokens has been proven by the community who already consider KickCoins as a high potential cryptocurrency with universal application.

Some facts about KICKICO, as actions always speak louder than words:

  • There are about 20 new drafts daily created on KICKICO and this number will only increase year by year. Hundreds of companies will submit for moderation on various stages of completion. To filter this thread, platform moderation will be commercial and the payments in ” will be accepted. This will cause the authors to prepare their campaigns better before submitting them to moderation. It also generates demand for exchange, because it will need ‘ickCoins to bring his campaign for review.
  • Secondly, holders of KickCoins represent the community within the platform and exactly they can vote and choose which campaign or project will participate in fundraising on KICKICO and which not. After the end of the ICO, KICKICO aims to create special rating with public voting, the date of its announcement will be declared soon.
  • Thirdly, KickCoins will be accepted by third-parties. For example, RBC Games already agreed with KICKICO on acceptance of KickCoins within their platform. The most interesting here is the fact KICKICO platform will charge a fee from campaigns completed successfully in two ways: 4% in ETH and 4% in own campaign tokens issued. Every time some project successfully attracts funds on the platform, 4% of their tokens go to the KICKONOMY Foundation ‘ this means KickCoins will be always in demand again on the exchange as well.

By using KickCoins, KICKICO’s digital currency, people support new ideas that make the world a better place, and thus they support the future of blockchain.

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