Cryptocurrency exchange and instructions on – How to display with MinerGate

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Cryptocurrency exchange and instructions on “How to display with MinerGate”

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I’ve already mentioned this exchange in my articles on Montero and ByteCoin cryptocurrency. I decided that it was worth taking a look at in more detail, since I myself encountered some issues that I had to face.

If you used the Register button, you will need to fill out the exact same form on a separate page:

After you have entered your data and clicked the Register button, you should receive an email with instructions on your email. Letters do not come immediately at once, or don’t even reach Therefore, either click Resend confirmation email, or contact support by email:

If the letter still reaches you and you clicked on the link inside the email and confirmed the account, then you should log in again. On the main page of the site press the Sign-in button:

Enter your email that was provided during registration and the password. Afterwards, click Sign-in:

After that you will get to the trading platform, where you can exchange the cryptocurrency:

To proceed to account replenishment and start trading, go to the Account section:

To make money on your deposit – click the button on which the arrow on the screen indicates:

Next, you need to generate a wallet for replenishment. Click the CREATE NEW button:

To do this, run the MinerGate and open the WALLET tab. Then click the Withdraw button:

  1. Enter the desired amount of the displayed cryptocurrency
  2. Network commission
  3. We paste here your wallet address on
  4. We enter the code from the Google Authenticator mobile application (I highly recommend putting this protection on at least the output, since I have already been swept away once)
  5. Click the Withdraw button:

After that, you can see the result of your transaction. The beauty of BCN is that transactions are almost instant:

  1. Click the upper arrow to transfer money from your account to the exchange
  2. Enter the desired quantity for transfer to the exchange
  3. Click the Transfer button:

At the top of the site, click the Exchange button and go directly to the auction:

We choose the necessary cryptocurrency or if it is in the main tape, or through the SEE ALL button:

If you cannot find the desired pair in the list that appears, try using search:

So, we are interested in selling BCN for BTC (if you want to accumulate, it’s better in bitcoins). We find SELL and click on the Market tab (we will deal with the rest of the items when we get to the exchange trading, since this is a very comprehensive topic):

After you have chosen Market, in the Amount field, specify the amount of the cryptocurrency you are selling and click Sell Market. The commission is only 0.1%:

That’s all. You exchanged your BCN for BTC – it’s visible in the header of the site. The balance has changed. In case you want to withdraw BCN in real money, then it’s best to change to DOGECOIN, translate to and from there transfer into your currency. Since the commission for transfer from BTC is very high:

If you do not have any cryptocurrency, but there is a desire to get acquainted with the principles of exchange trading in cryptocurrencies, then you can use the DEMO regime. Which is on the main page or directly on the exchange page:

Well, that’s all for the basic functions of the exchange. I like this exchange very much. Fast, profitable and pleasant in work. If you have any questions, I’m will wait for them in the comments section.

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