EOS Token (EOS) Exchange

JCmacdaddy L1: Get in DFT b4 its too late

johnlowers: i cant believe 32bit making comeback !!

mattgsolar L1: everything comes back if your patient

mattgsolar L1: plus thats a low supply coin

johnlowers: if i get my number..im dumping it this time

JCmacdaddy L1: buy support is growing so fast in dft

chrisjooones: damn 32bit agin lol nice

chrisjooones: you guys thinking 10k again tho?

mattgsolar L1: theres a bull run coming in alts soon

johnlowers: think ill load up on buzz at this price

mattgsolar L1: john let the stake load up for you. you dont need to buy with new money

JCmacdaddy L1: lots of dft exchanging handz

mattgsolar L1: you are getting doubled in size every month

mattgsolar L1: in 90 days youll be at 8x position

mattgsolar L1: dft sellers getting left in the dust

JCmacdaddy L1: did i not mention they are testing thigns with dft being 1$$ its only 37 cents now

hannanbread L1: oops was it something i said?

johnlowers: mattgsolar, yea. i only need it up about 1000 more.

JCmacdaddy L1: hannanbread, too slow to be a bot think some 1 is trying to move price past their buy in

JCmacdaddy L1: so no one can get in for as cheap as them

bino86 L1: Are there any admin in here?

bino86 L1: I need help, please support me

mattgsolar L1: no mods on late sunday, whats the problem

bino86 L1: I am withdrawing 0.5 ETH, but it is processing very slowly

redsgarage36 L1: mods are at jesus school today lolZ .

mattgsolar L1: wait 30 – 45 minutes

bino86 L1: I have sent request support, but nobody response

bino86 L1: I have waited 20 hours

mattgsolar L1: maybe a bad adress

Illefec: dice is scheateed yes, lol the rest,lol

redsgarage36 L1: so there is eth/doge and doge/eth I wonder wtf lol I but btc backed or USD

bino86 L1: I don’t think so, because my address is fine

mattgsolar L1: what does it say on your wallet page at the bottom

bino86 L1: 2017.10.15 10:31:08 ETH 0.495000 0 In process

bino86 L1: normal it’s xx/30 confirm

mattgsolar L1: its probablyyyy the eth upgrade thats going on right now

bino86 L1: I have waited 20 hours, but Confirm still is 0

bino86 L1: I have sent request support, but nobody response

bino86 L1: do you know why?

redsgarage36 L1: my last ETH transfer took a while .

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